My World of Tanks experience (in Brief)

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My World of Tanks experience (in Brief)

Postby PrimaryMan » Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:42 pm

This thread is in response to a comment made by Agent in the IL2 sequel discussion. I've started a separate thread so not to hijack that one.

Agent mentioned that he wasn't going to get into WOT because he didn't want to enter into a rabbit hole and end up losing at lot of time as many do playing MMO's. I've never played the other types of MMO's like WOW etc.. so cannot comment on them however I exclusively play WOT now and can understand how it can become a timesink, ginding out for the high tier tanks etc... but it can become more casual if you play it that way. I often find myself with half an hour spare so I play few games. Each game usually lasts on average only 6-8 mins (a bad game're stuck with a useless team, can be over in less than 5 mins), the maximum length of time for a game is 12 mins when it will end in a draw. So it is easy just to play a few games to get the daily double XP on your favorite tank. If you're worried about grinding to get the high tier tanks it does matter so much since you cannot face tanks more than 2 tiers above you ie.. a tier 3 tank will only ever face a tier 5 max (there are some exceptions for light scout tanks). This way you can stay down in the lower tiers and still have really good games. My highest tank is a tier 8 but my favorites are both tier 6 (My Hellcat & Cromwell) so this is where I play most of my games.

I would really like to see more of the Kiwisim crowd get into WOT so I can have fellow tankers to play and talk with.

Any questions you have about the game just ask. I've also got two more excellent replays that I must convert and get onto Youtube for you to watch.
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Re: My World of Tanks experience (in Brief)

Postby The Sea Peoples » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:12 pm ... 2014-03-07

Cool tech vid of physics and destruction upgrades.
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